Department of Sociology, Chair of Social Theory and Quantitative Methods

Postdoctoral Researcher (Zurich Survey of Academics)
80-100 %

The Department of Sociology at the University of Zurich looks back on more than 50 years of active research and teaching. It is one of the leading empirically oriented institutes in Switzerland and Europe. The basic understanding is based on theory-driven empirical social research with a strong focus on quantitative methods.
We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher interested in joining the research group of Prof. Dr. Heiko Rauhut. The position is funded by the SNSF Starting Grant "Social norms, cooperation and conflict in scientific collaborations" (CONCISE) and co-funded by the University of Zurich. The position is initially limited to two years with the possibility of extension upon successful funding acquisition. Note that we also accept applications of doctoral candidates, given a sufficient fit, independence and high level of theoretical and methodological expertise.
We are particularly interested in attracting candidates working on projects described in the CONCISE proposal. Details of these research areas, the full CONCISE proposal, related articles, the research profile of the professorship and further information is found at
The Zurich Survey of Academics:
The core project of the CONCISE Starting grant is the Zurich Survey of Academics (ZSoA) – a large-scale and representative web survey among scientists at universities in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria (DACH region) that was conducted in 2020 and includes over 15'000 scientists from 263 universities. The survey is motivated by recent developments, such as the significant increase of team work in science and problems of how to organize fair and sustainable collaborations. It also reflects recent discussions around the replication crisis, problems of scientific integrity, and the apparently increasing pressures in scientific work. The aim of the survey is to obtain in-depth insights from researchers in Europe and to learn how researchers deal with conflicts and increasing pressure to publish with a focus on different kinds of selfish and altruistic behavior, scientific misconduct, and social norms about collaboration, such as authorship order. The survey includes a number of new measurements, such as factorial surveys, behavioral games, an Implicit Association Test on misconduct, indirect questioning techniques for eliciting scientific misconduct, randomized survey experiments on selective publishing behavior, and more.
For more information about the ZSoA, please have a look on the survey report; for access, please click here: survey report

Your responsibilities

Independent and dedicated research within the framework of the CONCISE proposal and in particular the ZSoA

Your profile

We are looking for prosocial and team-oriented candidates that will support us with the data analyses of the ZSoA and dissemination of the results in journal publications. We are particularly looking for candidates bringing together a strong theoretical and analytical perspective, such as game theory, rational choice theory, analytical sociology or related approaches, with quantitative methods to study mechanisms of the emergence and decay of social norms and cooperation in the field of science studies

What we offer

Place of work

University of Zurich, Department of Sociology, Andreasstrasse 15, 8050 Zurich, Switzerland

Start of employment

The starting date is flexible from May 2021. Please submit your application in one pdf file until 09.05.2021. Include the following in your application:
The University of Zurich is a family-friendly university, it values the diversity of its members and enables equal opportunities for all. We therefore encourage all applications - regardless of gender, age, religion, disability, nationality or ethnic and social origin and sexual identity. Applications of scientists from abroad are explicitly welcome.

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