Department of Plant and Microbial Biology (IPMB)

PhD Position in Plant Epigenetics
60 %

Research in the Bischof lab aims at elucidating epigenetic mechanisms that control gene expression and maintain the integrity of the genome. Specifically, we aspire to understand how chromatin remodeling complexes impact chromatin structure and regulate transcription in the plant model Arabidopsis thaliana. To do so, we combine biochemical, genomic and genetic approaches. Ultimately we wish to provide the fundamental understanding of how epigenetic processes guide cellular identity & diferentation and pave the way to genome engineering. Due to the high degree of conservation of molecular mechanisms between organisms, our findings and methodology are not limited to understanding chromatin dynamics in plants, but have implications beyond the scope of plant biology. For further information visit our website: Epigenetics an Chromatin Biology.

Your responsibilities

The accepted PhD student will drive his/her own research project and participate in teaching within the lab. Being part of the Zurich Life Science Graduate School, each PhD student has the opportunity to interact with numerous labs of the Zürich scientific community and obtain training through lectures and workshops.

Your profile

The successful applicant should be excited about science, creative, well organized and able to communicate effectively with lab members as well as present research findings at national and international conferences. Furthermore, team work and good spirit is a footprint of the Bischof lab.

What we offer

The Bischof lab and the University of Zürich provide a vibrant scientific environment, state-of-the art equipment and the opportunity to learn cutting-edge technologies.

Place of work

Campus Botanical Garden, Zollikerstrasse 107, 8008 Zürich, Switzerland

Start of employment

Upon agreement

Further information

For further information please email to Prof. Sylvain Bischof