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Assistant Professorship: Support for SNSF Starting Grant in Microbiology
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The Institute of Medical Microbiology at the University of Zurich (UZH) is searching for pioneers in the field of Microbiology. We're actively seeking to support an applicant for an SNSF starting grant who demonstrates not only proficiency but also an innovative spirit. The chosen candidate will be assisted in their proposal submission to the Swiss National Science Foundation. If successful, an invitation to negotiate for a five-year non-tenure-track Assistant Professorship at the Institute of Medical Microbiology (UZH) awaits.

Institutional and project background:
Nestled in Zurich, the Institute of Medical Microbiology thrives as a powerhouse of innovation, seamlessly bridging routine diagnostics with cutting-edge research. The institute is the largest academic center for microbiological diagnostics in Switzerland and provides routine and highly specialized diagnostic service for the University Hospital Zurich and surrounding hospitals. It harbors the national reference center for Mycobacteria. A large biobank with clinical bacterial isolates is available.

Our approach spans from deep, fundamental explorations to swift, translational applications, ensuring that our discoveries have real-world impact. Within our walls, five dynamic research groups collaborate and innovate together. Our strategic location and the fruitful environment we've cultivated are the keystones of a vast collaborative network, setting the stage for groundbreaking discoveries and partnerships.

Job description:
The incoming Assistant Professor is expected to dive deep, charting unexplored territories in microbiology - ideally the researcher shows a diagnostic interest. We're searching for a visionary - someone keen on introducing groundbreaking microbiological methods and theories with applications that resonate from the clinic to the very frontier of academic research. A passion for teaching, paired with the leadership skills required to lead a research team, is indispensable.

Your profile:
We seek excellence. Candidates must:
Strong applications of candidates with other expertise in the context of microbiology are also explicitly welcome. The University of Zurich champions individuals who display leadership, drive, and a commitment to fostering collaborative work cultures.

Your workplace & What We Offer:
The University of Zurich (UZH) is Switzerland's largest educational institution with a storied history dating back to 1833. As a pioneering university founded by a democratic political system, UZH holds membership in prestigious networks like the "League of European Research Universities" (LERU) and "Universitas 21" (U21). This stature is further highlighted by our twelve Nobel Laureates.
With seven faculties offering a broad academic spectrum and over 28,000 students, our commitment extends beyond academia. UZH actively shares knowledge through public-access museums, libraries, and accessible research presentations. Joining our ranks means integrating into an environment of distinguished excellence, impacting not only the Canton of Zurich but also Switzerland at large.

We Value Diversity:
The University of Zurich is inclusive and stands firm on equal opportunity and fostering an environment where its members are respected and valued. We especially encourage applications from female scientists.

Curious? So are we!
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For clarifications or queries, please reach out to Prof. Adrian Egli (Director of the Institute, Applications are welcomed until September 30th, 2023. Please submit your full application to Ms. Dagmar Blatter (

The promising candidates will be invited for online interviews on November 8, and the final decision will be communicated by November 10th. The call for SNSF starting grant applications opens on November 1st, with the deadline set for February 1, 2024. The anticipated start date will be early 2025.